The future of lung cancer analytics is finally here.

Analyzing tumors efficiently, affordably, and accurately.


Our software gives radiologists in-depth details such as tumor type, size, stage, and more.


Our software decreases the amount of unneeded biopsies and repeat scans, saving consumers money.


Our software leverages machine learning on CT scans to become more and more accurate over time.


That's what DiaScan has the potential to save.

Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer, and still current analytical methods are very outdated. At DiaScan, we are creating a software that leverages machine learning on CT scans to intelligently and accurately analyze lung tumors, finally bringing analytics and automation into the mix. We will be able to detect cancer at early stage, reduce the high false-positive rates, decrease the amount of unneeded biopsies, assist radiologists by automating processes, and minimize overall costs. By analyzing the tumor, we can help with future diagnosis and help patients and their loved ones.

Welcome to the future of cancer diagnostics. Welcome to DiaScan.

About Us

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Sanjit Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Sanjit established DiaScan in order to further integrate medical diagnostics with data science and provide conclusive results to hospitals and other clients. He provides the organization, leadership, and forward thinking that makes DiaScan a great company.

Santhosh Subramanian

Chief Technology Officer

Santhosh has a background in software development and its applications in cancer. He provides the technical abilities needed to run DiaScan. His extensive research and creative ideas empower DiaScan to keep advancing.

Rishi Rao

Chief Financial Officer

Rishi uses his knowledge in business, marketing, and law in order to manage DiaScan‘s daily activities and keep DiaScan structurally sound. His planning, resources, and contacts allow DiaScan to reach its full potential.

Raju Sajja

VP of Design

Raju has a background in UI/UX development and applies this knowledge to design the front end of the software development process. His creative ideas, artistic ability, and balance between practicality and minimalism allow DiaScan to be on the cutting edge of the healthcare technology front.

Chris Klaus

CEO at Kaneva

Dr. Vikram Bhadrasain

Deputy Associate Director and Branch Chief of the Radiation Research Program at the NCI

Jim Schwoebel

Co-Founder at CyberLaunch

Dr. Samuel Franklin

Vice President of Data Science at 360i

John Wichmann

Managing Partner, Consumer Goods at Teradata

Partha Unnava

CEO at Better Walk


To be a pioneer and bridge the technological gap in the medical software industry.


To be the leading software company in medical analytics by providing innovative solutions in order to assist medical professionals and serve patients and their loved ones.

Featured on:

TechCrunch Feature
Won 3rd Place and Audience Choice Award

Hypepotamus Feature

OMICS International

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Accelerator Co-Founded by Chris Klaus

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